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Faramach was "born" in October 2014 when one of the teachers at Woodmill High School felt there was a passion in the school for Celtic Music. Although it is a young band they've already developed a strong team ethic. They range in age from 14 to 17. While a couple of them have played Celtic style before, the majority hadn't experienced traditional music before this band.

There has recently been a change of focus in the curriculum towards "Scottishness" coupled with an undeniable wider social awareness of national identity, this created an environment where the Scottish Arts could flourish.

The high standard of natural musicianship at Woodmill has been cultured and developed by the excellent teaching and parental support fed this surge in cultural pride and Faramach was created.

The name itself was suggested by a first year pupil in the school. As part of their first year course they had to do a project on Celtic Music, and part of this was to come up with a name for a Celtic Rock band. From over 200 suggestions "Faramach" was decided as the best (it means Noise Making in Gaelic).

All Who Wander
Jig Set

Touch the Sky
This Is The Life



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The Band

AliAli - Vocals and Guitar
Ali plays the guitar, piano, percussion and she sings very nicely too. Outside school her favourite activity is running – she’s planning to run her first 10K next year. She’s not too concerned about her future yet, she just want to keep enjoying music for as long as possible.
EmmaEmma - Vocals and Fiddle
I play the fiddle and also share the singing duties with Ali in the band. Outside Faramach I also play the viola at grade 7 level and the piano. When I’m not doing music I am a Sergeant in the Army Cadet Force. I’m hoping to study medicine when I leave school in a couple of years.
CaitlinCaitlin - Vocals and Guitar
Caitlin plays the Guitar although she’s going to learn the Mandolin and the Banjo when Faramach has raised enough money to buy them. Outside school she’s a black belt in Taekwondo and her favourite food is pasta with pesto. She’s not thinking about future career plans yet – she’s just enjoying her youth!
Citation NeededTasha - Accordion and Keyboard
Hey, my name is Natasha but everyone calls me Tasha. I’m the Accordionist in the band, I also play grade 5 violin and piano. You will usually find me before and after concerts with a jar of Nutella jumping around like a crazy 5 year old. Faramach to me is a big family, I love travelling together and dancing in the rain before concerts.

Citation NeededOli - Piano
A woman of mystery, legend has it Oli was raised by a tooth fairy. Her keyboard skills were forged while she built and tested piano keys made from all the teeth collected.

MatthewMatthew - Bass Guitar
I'm Matthew. I'm fourteen years old and I play bass in Faramach. I also play violin and have recently picked up guitar. I have been playing bass for three years but I have only been in Faramach since since summer 2015. I play rugby for Dunfermline . I love music and I would like to become a musician or music teacher when I leave school.
LucyLucy - Drumkit & Cajon
Lucy is a percussionist and her favourite percussion instrument is the drumkit. She’s also a very handy Cajon player. Outside school she’s an Explorer (which apparently is a thing after Scouts!) and this summer she’s going to Japan with them. She has no idea what she wants to do when she leaves school.
KirstieKirstie - Tech
Kirstie joined the support crew for Faramach in January 2015 and is responsible for the lighting and for the business management of the band (and she’s also a fantastic singer). Kirstie’s favourite job in the band seems to be to keep Alan on task and to safeguard the staff food!
AlanAlan - Tech
Alan has been a techie in the band from the very start. He volunteered to come and be a part of the band as he studies Music Technology at school and he relishes the challenges of supporting the band. He doesn’t know what he wants to do yet when he leaves school but we all think he should do this because he’s great!

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