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Meet the Band


Hi. My name is Christy but I’m also know as Chris. In the band, I play guitar and sing as well! I hate cheese very much and have banned the rest of Faramach from eating Wotsits. However, cheesy Doritos are the best!!! When I joined the band, I made the choice to let them try Biscoff Spread. The jar was finished within a day and now we bring it everywhere. I joined Faramach just after they did their trip to Nova Scotia and my favorite song to play changes all the time.


Hey, it’s Tasha!! I used to play keyboard and accordion in the band but I now play fiddle. I have been in Faramach for four years and my favorite moments have been when everyone is together after gigs. While I was playing accordio I successfully broke six accordions so it's probably a good thing I'm now on fiddle!

Hiya! My name is Ashleigh and I am currently the baby of the band. I love singing backing vocals and working out all the harmonies myself. Accordion is a new instrument for me but I'm getting to grips with it quite well. I've played the piano for a few years so that's helped me. I'm so looking forward to traveling around Scotland and maybe further afield, and I'm so happy to be in Faramach.


Rory is my name and frets is my game. I love playing guitars, mandolins, basses, Ukuleles... but my real passion is banjo playing. Away from music I like writing poetry for mystical creatures and I like counting pomegranite seeds. It's amazing how many fit in to one tiny fruit!

A woman of mystery, legend has it Oli was raised by a tooth fairy. Her keyboard skills were forged while she built and tested piano keys made from all the teeth collected. Of course such a woman of mystery wouldn’t only have skills on the piano - our Oli can also sing and play the guitar, as well as being able to write fabulous tunes. Her dancing skills are a sight to behold too!



I'm Matthew. I play bass in Faramach. I also play violin and have recently picked up guitar. I play rugby for Dunfermline . I love music and I would like to become a musician or music teacher when I leave school.


Hi my name’s Ethan. I’m often seen wrestling alligators and eating trees. In my spare time I coach Kung fu for chameleons or I’m teaching army ants sign language. I ride scooters up extreme inclines and cook five minute rice in three minutes. I can throw clocks at birds with deadly accuracy and I once had to build a whole Ikea shelf without the instructions. At the weekends I participate in full contact origami. I trained for a year off the grid in the Himalayas learning how to read upside down. All in all my life’s pretty fun oh and I play drums.


Hi. I’m Charlotte. I am one of two techies for Faramach. Apart from my mediocre tech skills, legend has it that I also play violin and piano although nobody knows for sure. One thing about myself which annoys me is how red my face is, and how red it goes at the biggest or smallest thing. I recommend a good full-coverage foundation. One of my greatest qualities, other than my love of food (specifically junk food) is how I am very passive aggressive but I also give people compliments at the same time, so people don’t notice. I am widely known as a strange, coolish gal. BAM!
*drop the mic*
The End

Hey! I’m Elise and I mainly work as the monitor engineer in the band. I am also a singer and a cracking ukulele player but I’m way too shy to ever sing on stage. When I’m not tangled up in cables I like taking my cats for walks and progressing my life size cross stitch of Tom Jones. People generally don’t really understand me - I’m pretty mysterious really



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